FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


In order to register for your driving education, you need to be at least 17 and a half (16 and a half for the accompanied driving program).
You will need a little time for a personal conversation as to resolve any questions, and you will also need:
⦁ your ID card
⦁ the application fee
⦁ as a person who wants to re-register: your foreign national driving license
You will need the following documents:
⦁ An ID card or passport with a proof of residence
⦁ A biometrical passport photo (35x45mm)
⦁ An eye test certificate (max. two years old)
⦁ Proof of a successfully completed first aid course
You will not need another certificate of a first aid course if you want to register for an additional license class, since it has a lifelong validity. Apart from that, you will need an ID card or passport with a proof of residence, a biometrical passport photo and an eye test certificate (max. two years old).
Usually, first aid courses are offered three times a week at various providers. Where and when next courses will be offered, is stated on the coupons you receive at our driving school.
You will either get a note at the driving school, which states where you can take your eye test, or you can go to any optician or eye specialist. The eye test should be max. two years old at your registration.
The Passport Picture should meet the following requirements:

New Photo, no head covering, measurements: 35 x 45 mm.

The easiest would be if you take it together with the first aid course, or if you tell the photographer that you need the picture for your driving license.

Education and Examination

You need to take 14 theory lessons.
The theoretical examination can first be passed at 3 months under the minimum age. (see: license classes).
You will get 30 questions if you want to obtain a class B driving license. These 30 questions consist of 20 basic questions and 10 questions specific to the class you want to obtain.
You may make ten faults if you take your exam for a class B license. However, 2 x 5 failing points are not admissible.
If you fail the theoretical examination, two weekends must pass before a new try is possible.
A successfully passed theoretical examination expires after 12 months. You should therefore take your practical examination within 12 months after you passed your theoretical exam.
No. The theoretical and practical education should be intertwined. Though it is reasonable (and recommended) to take a certain amount of theory lessons before you start with your practical education.
This is a difficult question. Failing your practical exam is expensive! You should be able to drive securely and responsibly, and you should also possibly be able to pass your practical examination at the first attempt. How many practical lessons you will need, one can only estimate if you already have been driving a few times.
You will have to take 12 obligatory ‘special’ driving lessons, each at 45 minutes, These include 5 on country roads, 4 on the motorway and three at night.
The practical examination can first be passed at 1 month under the minimum age. (see: license classes)
The practical examination usually takes 45 minutes.
After having failed the driving test, two weekends have to pass before a new try is possible.
Yes. You may pass the theoretical exam three months before your birthday, and the practical examination one month before your birthday.

Probationary Period and MPA

The probation expires after two years of successful and accident-free driving. There is not probationary period for class A, M, S, L or T licenses.
You will find detailed information when you click on the menu -> Information -> Probationary Period.

These are the usual consequences:
⦁ additional course (Aufbauseminar)
⦁ prolongation of the probationary period by two years, resulting in a total of four years
⦁ fines
The seminar will be realized as a group seminar or as an individual seminar. It contains four sessions and a driving lesson. A session during an individual seminar takes 60 minutes, whereas a session during a group seminar takes 135 minutes.
With 1 to 5 points on your account, you can reduce one point by taking a voluntary "fitness to drive" - course (Fahreignungsseminar). If you already have 6 to 7 points on your account, you can reduce one point once every 5 years by taking the voluntary course.