Class BE license

The class BE license is the “heavy weight” of driving licenses

If you often need to transport heavy objects, you probably won't get around a class BE driving license. In 1999 the german government changed all existing license classes into international classes. License classes which allow you to drive with a trailer were marked with an "E". This indicates the permit of driving trailers/caravans.

This is how you get your class BE license:

If you want to obtain a class BE driving license, you have to options to do so:
1. You can obtain a class BE license simultaneously with a class B license
2. You can obtain a class BE license after you obtained a class B license

The former is the faster option, since you do not need to pass an additional theoretical examination. However, you only may pass the practictal exam for the class BE license if you already successfully passed the practical examination for the class B license. The practical lessons for the class BE license may take place simultaneously near the end of your driving education. You may suffer under too much pressure, though, if you want to obtain two classes at the same time, which could lead to failure.

The second option is cheaper.

The minimum age for a class BE license is 18 years. You can obtain the driving license for novice drivers at the age of 17, though, if you participate in the program for accompanied driving. Do not forget that an eye test certificate and a Passport Picture are required for registration as well.

The practical education consists of:
­- a basic education
­- 'special'/compulsory driving lessons.

The basic education :
The theoretical education as well as the theoretical examination are omitted.
The amount of practical lessons, including the basic driving tasks like reversing and reversing around a left hand corner, depend on your abilities as a driver.

‘Special’/compulsory driving lessons: :
Special driving lessons with a trailer take place on country roads, on motorways and at nighttime.
You will have to take 5 obligatory 'special' driving lessons, each at 45 minutes. These include 3 on country roads, 1 on the motorway and 1 at night.

The practical examination:
The practical examination contains:
- Pre-departure checks,
- Connection and disconnection of the trailer,
- Reversing around a left hand corner,
- Secure driving within and outside of built-up areas.

Good luck!