List of prices

Fahrschule 1a

Class BE License – Trailer

Basic amount 99,-€
 Basic amount for B+BE 199,-€
Basic driving lesson (each 45 min) 42,-€
Special drives (each 45 min) 52,-€
Practical examination 160,-€
Vehicle instructions 30,-€

Class B License – PKW

Basic amount (including theory lessons) ) 99,-€
Basic driving lesson (each 45 min) 39,-€
Special drives (each 45 min) 46,-€
Theoretical examination: 25,-€
Practical examination: 140,-€

Crash Course

Basic amount for Crash Course 249,-€
Basic driving lessons 45,-€
Special drives 55,-€
Practical examination 160,-€
Theoretical examination 25,-€

Class B96 License

All in all 290,00€

Basic amount for class B + B96 license in total 390,00€

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(State November 01, 2018)
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