Schedule of the driving education

After several theory lessons and having gained a first insight into traffic regulations, you can start with the more interesting part of your driving education: the actual driving! The theory lessons consist of 12 general theory lessons (each at 90 minutes), as well as 2 hours of theory lessons specific to the license you want to obtain. A class BE license does not need additional theory lessons.

Deadlines and authorities
The application for your driving license must be handed to the local driving license authority along with an eyesight test, a passport photo and a first aid certificate. The authorities need 2-4 weeks to process these documents and only when we have then received the documents may you complete the examinations. Your driving application is valid for one year and will be prolonged for one further year after having successfully completed the theoretical examination.

The theory lessons and the ‘special’ drives are valid for two years.


To sign up to the theoretical examination:
1. the driving license authorities must have transmitted your application documents to us
2. all 14 theory lessons must be completed
3. you must pass a mock theory examination in our office
4. you must pay the MOT (TÜV) fee

You can also sign up for the theory exam on short as long as places are still available.

You will discuss your registration for the practical examination with your driving instructor. This must occur at least two weeks before the examination date. You must pay the examination fee at least one day before the examination in our office. If you are unsuccessful in the either the theoretical or the practical examinations, you must wait at least two weekends until you can try again.

Good luck!
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