Refreshing your driving skills


Issues with driving? We can help...

Do you feel insecure whilst driving? Have you not driven for a while, but now find that you need to? This offer is especially for those who have not driven for a longer period of time or those who are lacking experience. The more traffic there is, the more valuable the driving experience becomes. We will intensely prepare you for driving!

We commence with a meeting in which we will discuss your driving weaknesses. You can then start your driving lessons in which we will test and evaluate your driving abilities. In case of insecurities we are by your side to help you! You will feel the success, even after just a short period of time.

Fearful drivers

We offer special care for fearful drivers.

We help you to work against your fears in daily traffic and regain confidence.

Most people do obtain their license, but this event might have been long ago. A lot of people do not feel secure in their own car and when in contact with other road users, or have not been driving for years and thus lack confidence.

We would be happy to help you by repeating theory lessons and basic driving practice. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.