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MPA Preparation

Medical-psychological assessment (MPA)

TheMPA (medical-psychological assessment) may be required by law or court order so as to test your fitness to drive. However, this is about your temperament and your suitability as a driver.

You will need an assesment if your driving license has been withdrawn and you want to register for a new one. A common case for the withdrawal of a driving license is driving under the influence of alcohol.

A MPA is required in the following cases:
⦁ Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication. ( 1,6 ‰ alcohol level or higher).
traffic laws under the influence of alcohol.
⦁ Suffering from an illness or a physical handicap.
⦁ Lacking the mental abilityBei fehlender geistiger Eignung.
⦁ Commiting criminal acts in relation to taffic.
⦁ High aggressive potential
⦁ Having more than 7 points on your account.

If your suitability is determined, one speaks of a positive evaluation. If one can't determine the suitability of the person examined, one speaks of a negative evaluation.

We offer fast and professional help regarding the MPA preparation!

The fear of the MPA is often unfounded, since the key to successfully passing the MPA is preparation.
We know exactly what the consultant of the MPAexpects and will prepare you well for the MPA, so that you are able to convince the consultant that there are no more lacks of suitability. There is a higher chance of a negative MPA, though, if you do not prepare yourself.
We will accompany you on the way to your driving license, and equip you with important and specific tips in relation to the MPA as quickly as possible. Further, we offer fast and competent consulting.
If you have questions according to the process of the preparation, the schedule, or costs, give us a call or write an email!

Good luck!