Driving License Authority and Citizens' Office

Important information…

- Are you a German national living in Hanover and are completing your license at the age of 18 or older? In this case you can apply for your license at the driving license authority in Hanover, or at the citizens’ office (Bürgeramt).

- If you are not a German national, or if you wish to complete your license at the age of 17 in Hanover, you must apply for your license at the driving license authority (‘Führerscheinstelle’). You need to set an appointment online or via phone.
-When you live in the Region Hannover (surrounding area), the regional driving license authority, located in the Hildesheimer Straße 20, is responsible for you.

Here are the addresses of citizens offices in and around Hannover:


Driving license authority

Am Schützenplatz 1
30169 Hannover
phone: 0511 168-40706

Citizens' Office:

Leinstraße 14,
30159 Hannover,
phone: 0511-168-42711

Peiner Straße 9,
30519 Hannover,
phone: 0511-168-49194

Podbi Park
Lister Straße 11,
30163 Hannover,
phone: 0511-168-40980

Lindener Marktplatz,
30449 Hannover,
phone: 0511-168-42063

Bemeroder Rathausplatz 1,
30539 Hannover,
phone: 0511-168-33102

Meldaustraße 25/27,
30419 Hannover,
phone: 0511-168-47596

Ricklinger Stadtweg 1,
30459 Hannover,
phone: 0511-168-49580

Emstraße 15,
30657 Hannover,
phone: 0511-168-48465

Region Hanover (surrounding area)

Citizens' Office Region:
Hildesheimerstraße 20
30169 Hannover

phone: 0511- 6161 - 21 74 4