We love our profession

Anniversary on May 15, 2021

We would like to thank our driving instructors as well as our office employees. You are the ground which Fahrschule 1a stands on. Further, we would like to thank almost 3200 driving license applicants and our current driving students which trusted in us.

All beginnings are difficult. However, you start to adjust and grow with your job. For 9 years now, we teach novice drivers the broad laws of traffic, as well as the responsible handling of vehicles and securily and evironmentally conscious driving.

Fahrschule 1a

Anniversary on May 15, 2021

It all started 9 years ago, on the 15th of May, 2011.

Equipped with a Golf 6 and a team consisting of two men - namely me, the owner and Lisa, an outstanding secreatary - we gave our best, often working deep into the night, always trying to keep our clients satisfied.

We gained a lot of experiences, good ones as well as bad ones; went through a change in our team and watched the amount of driving students grow almost daily.

Meanwhile, we succesfully trained over 2000 driving students. Further, we expanded our car pool, which now contains four Audi A3 and four Audi Q3. We also have a growing team and happy students. Our driving school does not run things strictly. We count on the satisfaction of our clients and the communication of knowledge to our driving students, and therefore a successfully completed education.

Anniversary on May 15, 2021

It is our goal to take your fears of traffic and driving, which we achieve by working in a friendly and familiar atmosphere.

You can always talk to your driving teacher if you have questions, or even if you are distressed, since they do not only do their job, but also always have a friendly ear for you.

This is what we are proud of, what we are known for, and what made us successful, too: being a driving school that is, far beyond the usual level, a contact person, a friend, a driving teacher, an instructor, and a good acquaintance for driving students and their parents - for 9 years now!