Preparation is key...

Fahrschule 1a
Abolition of exams on paper:
Since 2010, all theoretical examinations are passed on computers. You can choose from 12 different languages.

Your success in the theoretical examination only depends on your revision of the different topics. The more often you study by yourself, the higher your chance is to pass.

Before you can attend the official theoretical examination, you need to pass a mock exam in our office, which is free of charge. Of course, we will only register you to your theoretical exam, if you passed your mock examination successfully, and we are confident that you will pass.

The theoretical examination can first be passed at 3 months under the minimum age.


- Take one hour a day to study the questions on your computer
- Keep calm and trust in your preparation
- Be punctual
- Read the questions carefully so as not to miss anything
- If you are not sure about one question, continue and return later
- Take your time, there is enough
- If you seriously do not know the answer to a question, trust your gut feeling


You need to bring the following documents to the examination:
- Your ID card / passport
- The receipt of the fee you paid
- The certificate stating your attended theory lessons (Exception: you do not need this if you let your license be transferred, or if you repeat the examination)

Good Luck!