As a company providing services, we set high standards for ourselves:

Fahrschule 1a
1. A detailed and competent advisory

2. High quality schooling in both theory and practice

Due to a pedagogical multiphase training system and self-developed guidelines, you will always have a full overview on your status as a scholar. The practical lessons are aimed at individually teaching you how to coordinate your brain with your actions whilst driving, which will prepare you for the final examinations. In this way, the examined drive will only feel like an ordinary driving lesson, and you will be a self-confident driver.

3. We are keeping the schooling costs as low as possible.

Being demanding doesn’t have to be expensive!

We use our experience to individually teach our students how to drive responsibly and carefully, always looking at your strength and weaknesses. In this way, we can guarantee that you will only receive as many driving lessons as you really need.

4. Flexibility in terms of time

5. A high success rate

The friendly atmosphere between instructor and student is supposed to positively influence the outcome of the practical exam. Furthermore, every student will be pretested for both examinations.
Please have a look at the following pages where you find additional information on the course of your driving education. In case you have any more queries, do not hesitate to contact us.

Your success is also our success!