Class B96 license

The driver’s schooling can be completed in our driving school within a day!

This is how you get your class B96 license:

There is no compulsory examination for the B96 license, leaving only a 7 hours schooling in groups. In every group schooling, four participants may share a trailer.

This timetable states that you start with 2,5 hours of theory on regulations, loading and balancing the tow bar load.

The following 3,5 hours are filled with practical exercises on lane change, braking and parking.
Then, there is one hour of driving in traffic.

At the end of the schooling, each candidate receives a certificate with which he/she can let the B96 sign be added to their license at the driving license authority.

Drivers owning the outdated license 3 are not affected by this regulation.

Good luck!

License including trailer made easier

Since January 19, 2013, there is a new license category called B96. It is an expansion to the standard B license and can be obtained faster and cheaper than a BE license.

In order to be allowed to drive a vehicle with a trailer between 3,5t and 4,25t, you need seven hours of education provided by a driving school. Almost all types of caravans can be driven with a B96 license.
Since teams with larger caravans often have a combined authorized mass of more than 3,5t, these would need a BE license in addition, which can only be obtained by having driving lessons followed by an examination.