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Application at the Citizens’ Office

In order to successfully put in your application at the Citizens’ Office (Bürgeramt), you need the following documents: 1. An ID Card or Passport including a proof of residence 2. A biometric Passport Picture (35 x 45mm) 3.An eye test certificate (max. two years old) 4.Proof of a successfully completed first aid course 5.An application fee 6.The training contract of your driving school In regards to the 2-4 weeks of processing, we advise you to hand in your documents as early as possible in order to guarantee the completion of the paper work before your examination.

Für Führerschein mit 17 werden noch folgende Unterlagen benötigt:

by the students:
1.A formal application to the program “Accompanied driving at 17
by the accompanying person
1. A (front and rear) copy of the accompanying persons’ ID cards
2. A (front and rear) copy of the accompanying persons’ driving licenses
3. A signed declaration of the accompanying persons agreeing to participate in the program
by the parents:
1. A declaration of consent

To re-register your driving license, you need the following documents:

1. A translation of the existing foreign driving license
2. The original foreign driving license