Say goodbye to dull theory lessons

The theory lessons are not comparable to school classes; they are filled with fun. A major part of the lesson content is developed in active cooperation with the students. Our aim is to provide interesting and varied lessons, with a maximum learning effect.

Come by and convince yourself!

To enable you to gain your driver’s license as quickly as possible, we offer theory classes 5 times a week, every Monday to Friday from 18:30 to 20:00. Each theory lesson takes 90 minutes. If you are doing the crash course, individual lessons outside of these times are also available.
If you are in a hurry, you can earn your class B drivers license in three weeks. Maybe it will work out just in time to your 18th birthday, or before you go on a vacation.

The law states that a minimum of 12 general theory lessons (each at 90 minutes) must be completed, as well as 2 theory lessons specific to the license you want to obtain. A class BE license does not need additional theory lessons.

Only after the driving license authority

- has processed your application,
- you have completed all compulsory hours of theory,
- and you passed the mock theory exam to the official theoretical examination,
Then you may attend the theoretical examination. But don’t worry, the questions in the official exam will be those questions that you have already seen either in the mock examination, or throughout your theory lessons!

Have fun and good luck!